MilScanners is the longest established group of military aviation communications monitoring enthusiasts on the Internet, its roots go back to the paper based newsletters of the nineties.

We welcome both the experienced enthusiast and those new to the hobby to join our discussion eGroup, all we ask is that members actively particpate by posting there latest milaircom logs.

MilScanners has an extensive global database which is regularly updated and free to access but registration is required.

The database includes :

Abbreviations, Codewords & Terminology

including individual unit (squadron, wing, etc) & tactical/exercise use

HF & V/UHF Frequencies
including; Air to Air, Air Refueling (AAR), Air Traffic Control (ATC), Air Defence (AWACS/GCI), Air to Ground, Command & Control (C3), Forward Air Control (FAC/JTAC),
MARPAT/Naval Operations, Tactical Discretes, etc.

Mode-S (ADSB) Hex Codes
a list of known military aviation mode-s codes.